For companies

Strategy consulting, organisation & process strategy

Product, technology and market evaluation

Supervision of
development projects

Optimization of process development and engineering (focus on process industry)

Process optimization / change management

Project management of investment and organizational projects

Defining strategy and implementation of digitalization

Strategy & implementation of modular approaches in product and process development

Compensation according to the joint project plan and value creation.

Particularly for start-up companies

Coaching / advisory board activity

Development of business models, market and technology assessment

Development of business plans

Support with the market launch, customer approach, project planning

Project management

Compensation according to the economic framework, usually initially free of charge

Service examples

Strategy development (fig. 1)

For the development or review of the strategy, we offer our clients a systematic approach consisting of the requirements and possible levers to meet these requirements, through the analysis of an ideal company, the real competitive situation and the developments, the various options, vision and mission develop. A program of measures is derived from the target picture and the actual situation.

Business Process Management (fig. 2, 3, 4)

Organizations today still think strongly in terms of functions, departments and hierarchies. The performance of companies arises from their business processes, supply chain, production, engineering … We offer all consultations in the context of business process management, development of business process landscapes, recording, analysis, target process design, implementation, monitoring / controlling and optimization.

A lot of money is lost in investment projects. We support you in front-end loading and in the implementation of investment projects.

Digitalization Strategy and Implementation (fig. 5)

Even after 10 years of Industry 4.0, most of the digitization projects fail. Reasons include the focus on technology instead of the business case and the underestimation of the necessary change management.

We offer a systematic, value-oriented methodology for developing the strategy and implementing the digital transformation in your company, which has proven itself in hundreds of production plants and ensures that the payback time is less than 2 years.

Modularization (fig. 6)

In addition to digitization, modularization is an essential lever to make products more flexible, to accelerate product development processes and to make production processes more flexible without increasing complexity.

We support you in setting up the modularization strategy and implementing it with our many years of experience in this area.